Broadcast Video Applications

Product Description

ZViDEO – Broadcast Video Applications

ZViDEO provides enterprises with a solution to efficiently view and manage their video assets, local and remote, including multiple live video recording and monitoring, video library management and collaboration tools, all with superior functionality and reduced total cost of ownership.


Benefit from a collaborative workflow that reduces review and approval time of tape dubs and shipments costs.

Military, Government and Law Enforcement

Benefit from economical video recording, distribution and debriefing, combined with the ability to index the video and easily search it.

ZViDEO Provides

On Demand and IP-Multicast streaming of live and archived sources. MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and low-bit rate formats such as Microsoft Windows Media and Real Networks.
Management of video content, users and scheduled tasks, including multiple online video recording from analog or digital sources.
Multi-layered metadata enhancements (annotations) on the video, including text, voice, graphics and URL annotations.

Intelligently Capture / Manage Video Assets

ZViDEO allows enterprises to intelligently capture and manage their video assets, making them available for viewing and collaboration over the organizational networks and combining them within applications and workflows.

Flexible for Changes

ZViDEO operates on standard platforms, is flexible for changes in functionality, configuration and scale and provides the best price performance and return on investment.

Operating Across LAN / WAN & Internet

ZViDEO offers both online and offline access modes, has the ability to support multiple servers in a distributed environment and is scalable from several users to thousands.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Encapsulated ZViDEO core elements allow customers and partners to customize and integrate ZViDEO to their needs and specifications.


ZViDEO employs client-server architecture, operates over IP-based networks, and is based on standard hardware and software components.


Real-time analog video support
Real-time digital video support for RealVideo, WindowsMedia, QuickTime and MPEG formats
Control multiple simultaneous encoding sessions for all formats
SMPTE and external timecode source compatibility
Text extraction of closed caption
Store video assets for specified time period
Time-based keyframing, frame accurate or scene detect
Non-linear editing
3rd Party Plug-Ins
Data Export options
Live and on-demand user annotations and clip marking
User-defined video and clip labels
Global search
Automated Encoding process
System monitoring and real-time status displays
Remote configuration management
As a Capture, Index and Encoding solution, ZViDEO automates and controls the functions around video capture, encoding and indexing to streamline production workflows and provide the most efficient way to prepare video for use online.

ViDEO includes:

Scheduler – Manage the video acquisition/capture process.
Encoder – Actually encodes the video and control the capture hardware.
MPEG PreProcesser – Extracts the keyframes from the video and facilitate the editing process for Storyboard.
SearchServer – Monitors the closed captioning output of the capture process for keywords that are used to Alert users.
ZVPlayer – Plays back video assets for editing.
Storyboard – Provides real-time frame accurate editing.
EditServer – Knows how to cut/copy/paste MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video segments.
ExpireManager – Manages the digital video disk space.
Analysis Software Plug-Ins – Uses Text Recognition, Audio Recognition and identifies spoken words, speaker names and audio types.
Z Microsystems
Because our customers must solve many different problems, ZVideo can be developed in many different ways — adapting to changing needs. ZVideo is truly scalable — offering the best in functionality, quality and value. Working in partnership with your organization, Z Microsystems can help develop, design and implement your companies digital video needs. Additionally, the Z Microsystems’ support team, a highly qualified, dedicated group of research and development engineers, helps ensure satisfaction and efficient use of the product.

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