Fully Qualified Rugged Displays (Wide Screen) for 5824W


Product Description

5824W Display Technology for NAVAL, AIRBORNE & GROUND ARMY applications

Shocks and vibrations

  • Naval Consoles & Shelters
  • Airborne Consoles & Systems
  • Armoured Wheeled & Tracked Vehicles

IRTS 5824W is a rugged 24″ Wide (full HD) monitor from A3RD Family, a comprehensive range of Control Display Units featuring proven full MIL-Spec Panel PC, Displays and Vetronic solutions. Its specific design, advanced processing, graphic display and video capabilities meet the evolving and operational needs of modern Armed Forces and cope with the toughest environments of onboard wheeled or tracked armoured vehicles.

A3RD Technology, based on mechanical and electronic common architecture, generates modular and flexible configurations. It allows the choice of screen sizes 17″, 19″, 21″ & 24″, brightnesses, shocks and vibrations ruggedization: Level I up to 3 G RMS, Level II up to 5G RMS.

The best optimized models have been MIL Specs standards qualified as Stock Keeping Units (SKU) combining for each screen size the brightness and ruggedization levels.

Straight interface with customers control, command, sensors systems, open-ended electronic architecture and easy mounting makes it the choice of prime weapons systems integrators as a reliable, configurable, upgradeable, best cost and leads times MOTS (state-of-the-art) equipment now in operational use.

Key points

  • High-connectivity with flexible positioning of the connectors
  • Direct touch screen
  • NVIS capability
  • USB front connector for easy accessibility
  • Front or optional rear fastening
  • RoHs
  • Also comes (optional) in waterproof wall/rack mount version (rack19″ – 8U, 9U and 10U)
  • Versatile power supply : 18-36VDC or 85-240VAC/47-63Hz
  • IP68


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