Indisys Image Processing

Indisys Image Processing

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Digital Image Processing

Case studies

Case study 1:
Cyviz Technology Center

Case study 2:
Norad Military Operations Center

Case study 3:
Nanjing Olympic Centre

Complete control of critical visual information

Planar’s Indisys™ image processing system is a complete all-digital solution for capturing, routing, displaying and managing visual information on a video wall. It incorporates a unique distributed architecture and dedicated, high bandwidth components that deliver the performance, flexibility, redundancy and source-to-pixel control – not possible with traditional image processing architectures. Indisys Director management software allows an operator to control and monitor every aspect of the control room visual experience, up to and including the video wall displays themselves.

The Indisys Hub and Gateway components can be physically distributed or centrally rack-mounted depending on the requirements of the installation. Indisys in-cube processing results in simplified cabling and enables fault-tolerant configurations, single-cable video wall replication, PIP 8, image scaling, freeze frame, video filtering and complete video wall snapshots. The all-digital Indisys protocol operates over DisplayPort cables at a data rate of 32Gb per second.

The latest generation Indisys incorporates Indisys™ Extensity™ technology for advanced image processing. Indisys Extensity components are designed with today’s digital, high-resolution sources in mind. With two times the throughput and two times the number of windows supported, the most demanding control room environments are supported with less hardware. With its purpose-built design and powerful internal processor, Indisys Extensity hardware is designed for 24/7 operation and future software enhancements, keeping video wall downtime to a minimum.

The Indisys solution uses a network architecture to create a visual network delivering the customer’s information on video walls and external displays with maximum flexibility, reliability and control. The system can be described in four parts defined below:


1. Customer supplied sources are acquired by Indisys Gateway components, converting the signals to a digital format. The Pixel Layer Intergrator (PLI) acquires network data and customer applications in pixel-for-pixel solutions or result.


2. The Image Hubs packetize, aggregate and route the visual data to Indisys image processors on four ultra-high bandwidth channels.


3. Stand alone or in-cube image processors receive and format the data stream for displaying on the video wall or external displays.


4. Command, control and maintenance of the entire system is managed by the software application, Indisys Director, over a private Ethernet network connected to each Indisys component.

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