MPE-6U Multi-Platform Enclosure

MPE-6U Multi-Platform Enclosure


Product Description

The SprayCool MPE-6U enclosure provides unparalleled flexibility and cost savings by enabling any electronics in harsh environments for a variety of military applications, ranging from tracked vehicles to high altitude aircraft and UAV’s. Leveraging open industry standards and common commercial grade electronics,SprayCool customers can quickly field common applications across a broad range of vehicle types without redesign or re-qualification. This enables the same high performance technology that is available in the command center to be fielded in the most demanding mobile ground and airborne conditions. All MPE solutions offer a new standard of scalable thermal performance, environmental isolation and flexible designs that simplifies integration while meeting customer needs.

The SprayCool MPE-6U enclosure was developed to meet the requirements of manned and unmanned platforms. Further, SprayCool’s MPE assures broad flexibility in that it can be scaled to the customers exact specifications at an affordable cost. Designed to provide from 4 to 21 user slots, these rugged enclosures can accommodate a range of proprietary, commercial and rugged electronics.

The MPE is designed to operate in a harsh environment over extended temperature of -55°C to 71°C (-65°C optional) and altitude ranges of up to 55,000* feet. To accomplish this, electronics are housed in an evaporative cooled sealed enclosure creating a safe, environment for electronics inside the MPE. Architected to reduce the high cost of non-recurring engineering (NRE), the MPE can be delivered in any payload configuration without mission-specific development.

Configurations 4 to 21 user slots, 6U x 160mm x0.8″
Dimensions 12.45″L x 12″W x 12″H (8 user slot unit)
Cooling Capacity up to 2kW (with heat exchanger)
Storage Temperature -65° to 85°C
Operating Temperature -55° to 71°C (Optional: -65°C)
Reliability 14,000 hours MTBF
Power Consumption 80W maximum (for cooling system)
Input Power MIL-STD-704 and 1275B
Weight 30 lbs (8-slot enclosure with cooling sys)
Backplanes VME/VME-64X, cPCI/cPCIe, VPX, VXS
Environmental Exceeds humidity, salt fog, fungus, thermal shock, sand, and dust requirements of VITA

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