Orion 20 Universal Display Platform (UDP)

Orion 20 Universal Display Platform (UDP)


Product Description

High–Performance Universal Display Platform

“Z Microsystems’ displays are so reliable and durable that we are reducing the number of spares needed to maintain our country’s defence operation”
quoted by one of the senior engineer in one of our defence research agency.

The Orion 20 Universal Display Platform (UDP) from Z Microsystems is the most technically advanced ruggedized display in the industry. Utilizing Z Microsystems’ next generation controller, the Orion 20 UDP provides optimal flexibility in meeting customers’ unique display and performance requirements.

The Orion 20 UDP supports various video input formats, including digital video signals, analog signals, NTSC/PAL formats, and HD-SDI. The Orion UDP’s flexible architecture enables users to select specific video inputs to configure a customized system for their particular applications. Additionally, its architecture gives the operator the ability to view and interact with multiple video and computer sources simultaneously. All PiPs can be scaled, stacked or overlapped just by selecting the frame, providing efficient solutions for even the most challenging viewing scenarios.

Z Microsystems’ rugged Orion UDP series is specifically designed and manufactured for the most rugged and robust display environments. Manufactured from lightweight, aircraft grade, CNC machined aluminum and finished with a baked powder coating, the Orion 20 is tough, lightweight and offers the most advanced picture quality and customization available on the market.

  • 20.1″ active display area
  • Active matrix color
  • Native 1600×1200 resolution with 1920×1200 scaled support
  • Versatile video input support: analog, digital, NTSC/PAL, HD-SDI
  • Multiple Picture-in-Picture options
  • Rugged lightweight packaging
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Optically bonded AR shield or resistive touchscreen
  • AC Power with Mil-round connector
  • 160 degree viewing angle
  • Real-Time Enhanced Video Options
  • Hi-bright, sunlight readable option
  • Robust specifications for Military environments

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