Enhanced Video Real Time (EVRT)

Product Description

Enhance Video Images to Clarity in the Battlefields


Cita Technology is proud to introduce Enhanced Video Real Time (EVRT) functionality, brought to you via the latest onboard computational imaging algorithms, the EVRT technology can incorporated directly into a ruggedized flat-panel display. The EVRT uses a high-powered FPGA configuration to apply image enhancement to incoming video streams without adding latency. This enhancement algorithm hones images, providing unmatched detail and clarity that otherwise would be lost due to poor visibility or atmospheric interference. Additionally, with these smart displays, operators can toggle enhancement functions on and off with the push of a button.

The EVRT currently offers two distinct image enhancement algorithms in our displays. The first is based on histogram equalisation techniques, which balance light intensities across the spectrum, resulting in higher contrast images. The second is a convolution kernel algorithm, run via the onboard programmable circuit (FPGA). The software architecture used by these displays will enable future algorithms and modalities to be downloaded directly to the display via USB connection.


EVRT technology is a powerful tool in exploiting imagery. The EVRT algorithm will enhance an incoming signal and can be setup to bring out hidden image details in a variety of circumstances. Applications include low-light or bright situations where brightness and contrast of the video source washes out details. Other examples for EVRT use include cloudy, hazy, or foggy environments when critical image details are blurred. EVRTs’ complex algorithms for contrast balance, intensity adjustment, and edge detection produces an unrivalled level of precision and detail in image quality.

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