TranzPak 7

TranzPak 7

Product Description

The rugged TranzPak 7 removable storage module offers the most advanced level of flexibility, transportability, and robust storage modularity in the FIELD-READY arena.

The groundbreaking rugged TranzPak 7 hot-pluggable hard drive with up to 500 GB of storage capacity is the cornerstone of this rugged storage system. Featuring an extruded aluminum body and die cast cam locking front panel, the TranzPak 7 provides solid protection for your deployed media investment.

The TranzPak 7 works in concert with an array of TranzStor docking stations that range from a single docking space that allows the TranzPak 7 to plug into any computer through RAID and 8X mass storage subsystems.

With the single docking station, the TranzPak 7 works like any removable drive but it’s storage capacity allows more flexibility and efficiency in reproducing fielded settings in lab situation and visa versa. You can actually plug-in or remove an entire operating system including programs and projects in any computer or storage system in any location.

The TranzPak 7 module is interchangeable among the complete family of Z Microsystems’ low profile TranzStor storage systems and Z ATX, Z MPU, ZXt and ZXL2 workstations and servers.


* Houses any low profile hard drives
* “Hot-swap” disk modules
* Shock mounted disk drive substructure
* EMI/RFI protection
* Light weight, rugged construction
* SCSI, SATA or IDE option
* Future hard drives as they become available
* Solid state hard drive option

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