Vega Display Series


Product Description


“Z Microsystems’ displays are so reliable and durable that we are reducing the number of spares needed to maintain our country’s defence operation”
quoted by one of the senior engineer in one of our defence research agency.

The new Vega display series is engineered and optimized for rugged mobile performance. The Vega can be quipped with Z Micro’s latest third generation electronics; featuring Real-Time Enhanced Video (RTEV), a low-profile armored shell, and interactive touch screen functionality options.This display series deploys with a new ultra-high performance modular video processor; supporting all of your Picture-in-Picture (PIP) needs, as well as flexible viewing modes for Dual-View and Quadview monitoring.

The design goal for the Vega series was to deliver an unmatched operator experience with increased performance and ease in viewing multiple video feeds. Designed for 1080p viewing, this Wide Aspect Ratio display offers numerous view mode customizations and on-the-fly easy navigation display buttons. Rugged folding handles translate to convenient installation and transportation, without impeding operation, viewing angle, or consuming valuable space.

Z Microsystems’ customers demand the very best in hostile and extreme conditions, which is why we are dedicated to equipping our Armed Forces and DOD customers with the pinnacle in ruggedized deployable computing and display solutions. The Vega display series is a culmination of engineering advances in our other bestselling displays; delivering the robust modularity and flexible viewing configurations of our veteran Orion UDP; along with the low-profile mobile advantages and RTEV functionality implemented in our Intelligent Display Series (IDS) panels.

  • 18.5″ & 21.5″ Wide Aspect Ratio LED Display
  • 19” RETMA rack mountable
  • Resolution support up to 1920 x 1080p
  • Digital and analog video support
  • Real-Time Enhanced Video (RTEV) capable
  • Video controller for future algorithm support
  • Infrared touch panel option
  • Other options include: AR/AG shield & MicroMesh
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade machined aluminum
  • Low-profile folding transport handles

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